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Site specific performance in churches, secular mass, duration 50'

Xavier play on the pipe organ & harmoniums

Ruth preaches with the priest 's mic using the sound system of the church

Brothers !

Abraham (eng. ) - a variation on Abraham and The Isaac's Binding story (Genesis 22:1-24):
Abraham was a man with a vision, unfortunately, under the influence of his loved ones he declared
an eternal war between his two sons : Isaac & Ismael.

Red Sugar (eng. ) - The inseparable connection and dependence between men & women,
between god & men.

Two Brothers (eng. ) - a fable: a mother loves both her sons yet she fails to put an end to their
conflict or even to prevent her own tragic end.

Miscommunication (hebr. ) - prayer for a more intimate and clear dialogue

between God & men.

Two Brothers (eng. ) - suite

Republic (hebr. ) - the divine protection as seen through the microcosm of a building under
surveillance, a text inspired from the ‘Panepticon’ by Michel Foucault and the photographic
work of Olivier Mirguet.

Indigo Sky (hebr. ) - a wish for quiet privacy, an imaginary secret garden.

So Soon (hebr. eng. ) - a poem evoking the longing for love and compassion.

Psalm (hebr. ) - the abandonment: people are being expels from their home. they go to the sea,
they drown, hoping to reach a better world and eternal freedom.

Shooting Stars (eng. ) - a luliby, a dream of a sweeter reality while watching

the shooting stars.

Omaha (eng. ) - A memorial song for the soldiers who are fighting and getting killed far from their
homes in wars they are not suppose to fight in. A lament for a homeland.

Torah Reading (hebrew).

Brothers (eng. ) - For the end of violence, a path of peace.

Nous les Vivants (fr.  or eng. or it.) - First Epistle of St. Paul to the Thessalonians (4, 13-18)

Saint  Sulpice, Paris

Saint Ann & the Holy Trinity Church, New York

Sainte Elisabeth de Hongrie, Paris

Dormition Abbey, Jerusalem

Sainte Eustache, Paris

Saint Martin, Maxéville

Emmanuel Church, Jaffa-Tel Aviv

Temple Saint Martial, Avignon

Santi Bartolomeo e Gaetano, Bologna

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