Red Sugar lyrics


Searching Donkeys

כשהגוף נמתח עד גבול היכולת השרירים מאיימים להקרע

רק אז את יודעת שהבוקר הגיע להציל אותך מכל מה שנורא

את שוטפת את קצות האצבעות מהשדים שעלולים היו להדבק אליהן בשינה

את קמה, הבוקר הגיע

מגדילה מבטך, מקטינה אישוניך מרחיבה נשימתך

את מודה לו כל בוקר שהחזיר נשמתך לגופך

את קמה

Red Sugar

Like an apple wrapped in red sugar

Like a gift wrapped, full of stones

Like a night that never finishes

Like a day that got stuck in dawn

She needed him

Like a dinner that haven’t been eaten

Like a holiday that wasn’t celebrated

Like a land without a rest
Like storm without earth

He needed her, he can’t get seperated from her

Like a sick man without remedy
Like a kid without food
Like life without an end

Like god without men

She needed him


Come, through these gates of mine, don’t be afraid

Into the blinding light
Now it’s your turn
Swim, this ocean of time

If you fall I’ll catch you and if you cry I’ll hug

Lead me through your ways,
Your raws, your lines,

Show me
Take all you get with hungry eyes, your cries

Your dancing feet and your smiles

If you fall I’ll catch you and if you cry I’ll hug

Wherever you go, I’ll be around
Come, through these gates of mine
We’re waiting with an open heart

It’ll might be hard but you have no choice

Now it’s your turn, now it’s your life
If you fall I’ll catch you and if you cry I’ll hug

Dancing In The Sun

Looking at the sun directlly into the light i’m not afraid of it anymore,
I used to be terrified used to stay at home on daytime prefered the darkness, the humidity

In the old time people used to worship the sun they had gods for the sun,
They were afraid of it, afraid of the light, afraid of the heat, afraid of this great ball of fire, like I was before, but not anymore,
Now I’m dancing with the sun
In the middle of the day I saw a great shadow that was covering the sun
In the middle of the day there was darkness, in the midlle of the day there was night
I realised that the sun is as fragile as I am

If there is no shadow there is no light,
If there is no light there is no shadow so now
I except all of my sides now I embrace all of me.
Looking in the sun directly into the light, my eyes are getting smaller
But I will not shut them, I’m not afraid of it anymore,
It takes me, turns me around, circles, circles.

She could no longer remember anything,but she did remember this;
She would come to the factory every evening and they would
play together in the big machines, up & down.
Outside the world was getting hotter & hotter but inside it was beautiful,
They loved each other, and play toegther in the big machines
Outside the world could finish tomorrow

but inside she didn’t mind that the icebergs up north were melting,
Her city becoming a sea and the green hilles becoming a desert.
Outside the world was getting hotter & hotter
but insdie it was beautiful.
Just us.

Indigo Sky

Between the red thin lines,
Under the indigo sky
You’re covering yourself with the thousends of stars

It’s the only way you can remember
How everything went by
Tea in the right hour and soft music
From far you hear your loved ones getting drunk
And in the mornings you’re walking by a river that is Patting with its hiss
Butterflies by your hairs, dragonflies circling your feet

And if a trouble will come you’re not worried
The crows will let you know
Just look
The sky won’t fall on your head
You just simply have to look


When the morning comes it takes me down where the water is still fresh,

I wash myself for you
Out of smoke there he is, my blue eyed Genie
I stretch my arms for him, for help, for a dream

“Your wish is my command” he said “you just have to dance”

There I go dancing, turning for my life “Snell ! Tanz !”
He’ll save my heart he’ll save my soul
He’ll save my life, that’s what he said

In the darkest day when death is all around there he is
My blue eyed Genie
He comes and he takes my arms and we dance for my life

He takes my heart he takes my soul, just for a dance
He takes my arms and I turn around, he takes my steps, takes my sight
He takes my breath as I fall down into the dance

Tea & Lies with Theodor

Between long shadows
Focus your eyes, wait for the night
It’s the only way
As the night falls down
You can start to imagine the details, long hours, lost voices
You hear a story of another girl in another place
Running in open spaces,
You run freely in the green fields, filled with little black summer flies

A summer house where you can just run into, no punishment,
No worries
At 5pm your grandmother will wait for you
She will pour you tea from a teapot, butter cookies, flowers on top

Running, in open spaces, building history from lost memories

Losing time, losing points, don’t believe everything they tell you

But now everything is going to change
Memories of non-period
Pulled, streched like in a last dream before awaking
Memories that are not yours
Your daily life weaves a lie around you
A ray of light steals your dreams
Calls you back home
Running wild
You’re running back home, sweating
A lying sleep that is not yours
Recollecting your own life, your own lies
Don’t forget what you never had
Telling yourself stories about life that never happened
Telling yourself stories about life that never happened

Shooting Stars

Shooting stars, falling down,
Eating an imaginary apple that glows in your hands

Learning how to fly high
Leaving all your troubles far behind


Singing loud, dancing wild
Walking with goats and sheep holding your hands

Learning how to swim far
Keeping all you friends, your family around


Regarde les étoiles tomber ce soir
Elles me font tomber dans l’eau sombre
Dans l’eau si sombre , tu ne peux pas me voir
Je tombe, je nage, je pars

לחלום, לישון שנים רבות

לחכות לנסיך יפה תואר 

לגדל חיות ביער, לגור עם גמדים

כל ערב, לספר לעצמך סיפורים, שקרים

לישון, לחלום, לעוף בין הכוכבים 

Look at this little bird, she's having a bath

Don't disturb her!

She dives, when she goes out, she shakes her little body

The water then drop from her feathers and sparkle in sun light

Look! she's cold, she's calling her mother

Shooting stars, falling down
Eating an imaginary apple that glows in your hand Learning how to fly high
Leaving all your troubles far behind


On a summer night the ships were

Colouring the skyline black
Lines and lines of young men all dressed In blue, white, red

They were ready to give their lives , to sink, to die

In the wild sea, tonight


Far away a mother was waiting outside

On her porch
Crying out loud for her little boy to
Come back home
She was waiting...

Where did you go my boy?
What did you do?
When would you come back home?
Why did you go, my boy,
To fight in a war that is not yours?

Now, the green hills are quiet and beautiful

Just white smoke would tell a story of a war

That happened long ago


Now I don’t want you to be in any doubt about those who are seem to rise against you,

you could attack them, right & clear,
but why would you give up the true urge of winning?
Get closer to your enemy, see them at their best, demanding the right answers,

you’ll get to their core.

Don’t expect them to narrow themselves for the lack of your knowledge, just learn more.

You attack, unaware of the beauty hidden in complexities and gaps,

the beauty in human hatred.
I am bored by aimless shootings, bored by blind’s attacks,
Let’s see you meet your enemy for an afternoon game of chess,

let him flirt with your queen, what the hell, let him almost rape her.

but then, catch his horses pull their legs out and leave them screaming and losing their blood

Unable your enemy
Aim your weapon right, look straight and don’t be afraid to shoot.

Stimulate him.
Brothers, I got the message of this matter from life
so by all mean,
Use it to encourage one another.


I look at her shedding tears, water flowing from her eyes

Her body still dripping milk from the heart to the earth down

Stretches her arms tonight up high, goodbye goodbye

Almost lived but then died

Little fish swam in her stomach
Little cat slept in her arms
Little star shines in her sky
Without ever being a little child

I look at this young man
Extinguish eyes unaccomplish smile
Let the light be born in you
Follow your little star
Strech your arm up high, goodbye goodbye
Almost lived but then died


Look at this little girl
Smile filled with diamonds laugh filled with bells
Playing with her star brother secretly
Stretches her little arms tonight up high, goodbye goodbye

Almost lived but then died

There they go walk this land
follow a little star that shines just for them
Strech your arm up high tonight
Goodbye goodbye

I hear the cracks of melting ice from up north,

Echo through the empty room of my heart.

Once there was love,
Once there was life