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A Site Specific Outdoor Performance created, written, played & designed

by Winter Family & Yael Perlman, duration 4 hours, 2015


In the Bible, Sodom illustrates the fate of sinful cities for their pride and hostility toward the others.

It later became a symbol of debauchery and perversion.
Winter Family & Yael Perlman create a dialogue of music, screenings, readings and performances around the exploration of Sodom, its laws, rules, and evocative power in the news.
Reading reports of human rights associations about the non-acceptation of the 'other' in our societies, both the racist laws in israel towards Palestinians and Bedouins and the destruction of Rom's camps in France of today, during Olivier Perola play covers of the german heavy metal band Sodom and xavier plays Winter Family music and light a giant Lotharingian cross on the buildings of the museum & Yael Perlman manipulates images and text about her several years research of Sodom projection on the building around......

with Ruth Rosenthal (voice), Sing Sing (voice), Olivier Perola (Sodom covers on guitar),

Xavier Klaine (piano, harmonium, organ) & Yael Perlman (video manipulation)

technical manager Anne Laurin

sound engineer Sébastien Tondo & Anne Laurin

light designer Jeremie Cusenier

video engineer Jerôme Vernez

trailer Olivier Mirguet

coproduction Fanny Schulmann & History & Art Jewish Museeum of Paris, Nuit Blanche Paris

thanks Théâtre de Vidy, Lausanne


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